Amazon Devices

New Devices Launch / Event Promotion

Designed gateway, display, social and email advertisements for multiple new devices that Amazon launched in September 2020. Worked with multiple groups post-launch on multivarient testing to improve customer experience.

Events included New Device Launch, Super Bowl, Mother's Day and Spring Deals for the US, MX, CA and CA/FR markets. Traffic drivers I designed included gateway, offsite, email, social media graphics and product detail page updates.

Device Launch

Worked with a team that markets Amazon’s devices to develop launch advertisements including gateway, display ads, social media, and emails.

Multivariate Testing

Worked with a team to test their hypothesis by designing multiple options of device creative. Each option was through a control test to learn which designs customers preferred to implement on future design considerations.

A/B Testing

Worked with a marketing group to test two different background colors. In this test, we were looking for which shade of green the customer prefered. Test was ran on the Gateway during and after the Big Game to gain over 1 billion impressions.

Gateway Advertisments